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Your car's AC is crucial to the comfort of everyone who travels in your vehicle, so AC repair in Los Angeles, CA, can be invaluable. Let Lucas Auto Center offer you expert AC repair or even install a new system. We carry all automotive refrigerants, R12, R134A & 1234YF as well as offering custom ac hoses. Here are the main AC repair components in a vehicle and what we do.

Flush and Vacuum

Your AC compressor may fail due to contamination or oil starvation.  If your system is not properly lubricated it may burn out. Contamination is another reason for AC repair being needed after systems fail. We flush and vacuum every system and then inspect what comes out through a coffee filter. Discoloration or metal flakes tell us what is going on.

Your system will be cleaned with an AC system flush solvent. If it is not perfectly clean after the flush and vacuum, we recommend re-flushing the system. If it is still not perfect, then we recommend replacing the condenser and possibly other parts such as hoses or the evaporator.


Oil is important and needed to properly maintain a functioning A/C system. We use a high-quality oil to ensure that it will not break down over time.

Many compressors come pre-filled with oil but we can never guarantee that the oil is the correct amount. Most manufacturers put just a few ounces of oil in for testing and shipping. We can also never guarantee the quality of that oil, or how long the oil has been in there.


At Lucas Auto Center, we use a trusted, quality Freon refrigerant in your vehicle's A/C system. We make no exceptions.


The drier is the filter on the A/C system. A new drier is required every time you change the compressor. You wouldn't change your engine oil without changing your oil filter, the same is true on A/C systems. You want that drier cleaning your system to ensure long-lasting performance.


Most modern A/C systems use O-Rings at every connection. Half of all A/C leaks turn out to be wrong, bad, or improperly installed O-Rings. We recommend that O-rings be changed with the compressor.

Expansion Device

The term, expansion device, is a generic one. It can be an orifice tube, expansion valve, or expansion block. An orifice tube should always be replaced and never cleaned. An expansion valve or block should always be removed and inspected or replaced during a repair.

Electrical Connections

We make every effort to supply all compressors with the appropriate electrical connections during AC repairs. Most new compressors are also supplied without a connector.

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