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Auto Maintenance in Los Angeles, CA

Preventive Auto Maintenance in Los Angeles, CA

Turn to Lucas Auto Center for routine auto maintenance in Los Angeles, CA. We'll keep you moving with a vehicle you can have confidence in.


Your vehicle will benefit from receiving a tune-up at 10,000-mile intervals. At the same mileage interval, many other maintenance services should be performed including:

• Engine Oil and Filter Change
• Tire Rotation
• Air Filter Replacement
• Cabin Filter Replacement (If Required)

Additional services may involve:

• Battery Testing
• Fuel Filter Replacement
• Automatic Transmission Service
• Radiator Coolant Drain and Refill
• Spark Plug Replacements
• Power Steering Fluid Replacement

Axle Fluid and Brake Fluid Drain and Refill

On carbureted engines, a carburetor service may be included and an injector flush service may be performed on fuel injected engines.

Computerized Analysis

Let us offer a computerized auto diagnostics on your vehicle. We realize the importance of having up-to-date technology, software, and equipment. To achieve inspection accuracy, efficient auto maintenance and repair, and decrease labor costs, we utilize the most modern and comprehensive diagnostic equipment.

Call or visit our auto repair center for an auto maintenance estimate for your car or truck. We offer our services in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas.